In order to partner with any institution effectively the following needs to be clear:

Remuneration process – If the administration of some institutions was tutoring, then many learners would be in greater trouble! An important part of any contract is to know when remuneration will take place as well as keeping admin for the tutor to a minimum. Please keep the lines of communication open and clear on the method, process and time line of payments and other applicable admin.

Rates – If there is a challenge with my rates then it often speaks of what is valued. A partnership cannot be effective if the same things are not valued. Tutors are asked for their best while the investment does not match this. I provide a service with excellence and expect institutions to match it with what I regard as reasonable rates.

Resources – It is important that each learner has a workbook or some kind of material resource that covers the topics. It is best to have a resource of national (or similar) question papers as it sets the standard for the learners. If there are no resources available to you, then I can provide it at an extra cost. Please inform me of the resources available if any.